New Single and Dance Craze 

Dewce: “Sway”                   


We live in an era of labels where we’re prone to habitually wedging almost everything and anything on the planet into tight categories or boxes. We package breakfast cereal for kids, promote technology to millennials, sell luxury cars to baby boomers, target fashion magazines to young women, and market new music to teens and twenty-somethings. That’s the way it’s always been done, so why break the mold?


Well…Dewce has done just that with their new song “Sway.” This uniquely new and vibrant recording brings together the rhythms of European Dance, West Indian Calypso, Latin Dance, Bass Music, and American House—and presents it within an energized and pulsating musical hook that defies any category or format label. Urban, Rhythmic, Dance, Electronica…it’s all of those, and from the very first note “Sway” gets your heart pumping and your feet pounding. It’s infectious and contagious and guaranteed to get you up on your feet and moving to the beat.


Dewce returns “feeling good” fun to the dance floor with this recording that’s pleasant to any ear and attractive to all audiences—no matter what age, sex, or neighborhood. Drawing on traditional music elements yet incorporating diverse cultural influences from the United States, Jamaica, South Africa, Europe, and South America, the artistically new production approach on “Sway”—and future recordings on Dewce—make this track destined to reach around the globe and climb to the top of the charts.